Thursday, October 29, 2009

Hermione Granger for Halloween....

Today we went to Halloween party #2 (out of 4 ). Hannah had a blast! Turns out that at the Lehi Rippy Literacy Center there was Harry Potter in attendance to go with her Hermione Granger! Couldn't have been more perfect! We love the Literacy Center, they are so caring and sweet to every child that comes through their doors! And my daughter has sharpened her reading skills because of their diligence!

Except for the leotards and shoes...we got all the components for her costume at the local thrift store or at yard sales! Her costume cost a total of $ 5.00. She made her wand out of a dowel that she sharpened with her "boy scout knife" (thanks Dad), put dots and swirls on her wand with a hot glue gun , then painted the wand red and the tip with a glow in the dark paint.


  1. Hannah pulls that off perfectly! So cute! Glad to see you have a blog. It will be fun to see what you're up to. I like your dishtowels too. The ric rac is great. I love ric rac!

  2. I love ric rac too Amber ! Today I bought my fabric for the bed warmers posted from "Make it Do". Excited to get some Christmas gift completed and ready for giving! :)